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Industrial Area Rendered, Other Parks Critiqued

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Our park system sucks and we best fix it if we hope to achieve our destiny. That's the crux of LA Weekly's* feature on our dearth of green space. Writer Matthew Fleischer compares LA with Paris of the 1800s; hoping our city will follow the French lead and invest as heavily in parks as we have in the arts. We have a long way to go, says Fleischer. Downtown's Pershing Square smells, Echo Park's Elysian Park is too isolated, Echo Park Lake is dirty, and Griffith Park is more wilderness preserve than park. The greening of the LA River gets a jab, as does the 16-acre "Central Park" that will be built near City Hall. Well, thinking positively, the under-construction Cornfield Park in Chinatown and the new Vista Hermosa park in City West seem nice. *Is that a hint of bias we smell in some of your articles, LA Weekly? Grain of salt, Curbed readers. But look at those pretty pics! [All images via LA Weekly] UPDATE: "A rendering of a re-imagined Cornfield" is the caption on the above rendering in the LA Weekly story, but it's been pointed out there is no water near the Cornfield. Massive confusion. Headline updated.
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