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Arrival Times Now at Downtown's 7th Street Station

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No more guessing as to when the next Red or Purple Line train will show up—at least at the 7th St./Metro Station. Signs announced arrival times for trains to Koreatown, North Hollywood, and Union Station are up and running there. [Photos courtesy of Brigham Yen]

The signs seem like a great step, though as readers have pointed out with annoyance, not all the subway stations yet feature these them (not to mention the light-rail trains of the Blue, Green, and Gold Lines still operate on the wait aimlessly system). Maybe the proposed half-cent transit sales tax will blanket our stations in helpfulness. In other transit news, Mayor Villaraigosa announced yesterday that over $16 million was obtained in Proposition 1B funds to make our rail stations safer. The bucks will go to a wide-ranging gating project that will swath our subway, and some light-rail, stations in turnstiles. How New York of LA.

City of Los Angeles

July 15, 2008

Jazmín Ortega


Los Angeles region to receive more than $16 million in Proposition 1B
money to improve transit security and boost safety measures at Metro

LOS ANGELES – As part of his effort to boost safety measures
throughout the public transportation system, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa
today joined the Director of the Governor's Office of Homeland
Security Matthew Bettenhausen, Councilmember Wendy Greuel and MTA CEO
Roger Snoble to announce the award of more than $16 million in
Proposition 1B funds for transit security across the Los Angeles region.

As Chairman of the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) Board, Mayor
Villaraigosa accepted a total of $16,103,043 for Metro Rail gating and
other measures to enhance safety at rail stations across the LA area.
When awards to nearby transportation agencies are included, the total
support for LA County comes to more than $17.4 million.

"With this funding in-hand and new security measures in place,
commuters will no longer have to worry about their safety on the way to
and from the office," Mayor Villaraigosa said. "There is no more
vital and pressing task than boosting our capacity to protect and serve
commuters, and these funds will help us ensure a smooth ride for every
LA resident."

In November 2006, California voters approved Prop 1B – an initiative
to enhance highway safety, reduce traffic, cut pollution, and boost port
and transit security throughout California. Approximately $60 million of
the $1 billion earmarked for mass transit systems and ports was
appropriated in the current budget and nearly one-third of these funds
were directed to the LA region.

MTA officials will use the money for a wide-ranging gating project to
enhance the protection of property, patrons and facilities at all rail

"The transit security funding received today is greatly appreciated
and will be put to good use in improving security on our transit
system," said MTA CEO Roger Snoble. "The MTA will use the funds to
offset the cost of installing a gating system on the Metro Red and
Purple lines as well as selected light rail stations, adding an extra
layer of protection for our patrons."

Currently, the MTA operates a barrier-free "honor system," leading
to $5.5 million per year in losses due to fare evasion. The new gating
system could recover between $3 million and $6 million dollars on an
annual basis to offset these losses and save on the costs of fare

In addition, law enforcement personnel deployed to each Metro stop
would be able to direct their attention exclusively toward station
security, rather than checking fare cards and inspecting passenger

A total of 379 fare gates will be installed at all subway and selected
light rail stations, including the yet-to-be-completed Mariachi, Soto
and Atlantic stations on the Metro Gold Line Eastside extension. Gates
will accommodate disabled patrons, children and patron-operated devices
such as wheelchairs, strollers, walkers and bicycles, as well as
emergency egress and access for fire-life safety devices.

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