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CurbedWire: 5900 Wilshire Offering Breakfast, El Rey Offering Subway Talk

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MID-WILSHIRE: The ongoing construction of 5900 Wilshire, that office tower getting a redesign by architecture firm Johnson Fain (and hence, lots of Curbed coverage) has prompted the building's owners to offer a free breakfast this Friday. Assuming it's for local people who work in the building, so don't just wander in and pound the fresh-squeezed OJ. Meanwhile, that's a good-looking lobby! UPDATE: Building owner Ratkovich DOES NOT WANT YOU CRASHING. [Curbed Inbox]

MID-WILSHIRE: This Friday at the El Rey, there's a public meeting dubbed "Wilshire Corridor: Are We Ready for the Subway?" More via press release': "Special MTA Wilshire Subway Briefing and Status Report Legislative and Financing Update featuring Richard Katz, MTA Board Member, and MTA Senior Staff." At that event, you get a lunch buffet, but it costs $20. [Curbed InBox]