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Rumblings & Bumblings: Cahuenga Pass Hillside, Koreatown Destructoporn + More

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Thank you to everyone who submitted a question this week. We knew you still cared. If you have an answer or inkling suspicion in regards to one of these fine questions please leave a comment or email us at Answers Thursday.

1) Cahuenga Pass: "Hey! there are a few bulldozers and trucks now moving around on the eastern slope of the Cahuenga Pass where it plateaus a bit. Any idea what's being built?"

2) Hollywood/Little Armenia: "...does anyone know what's going on with the former Armenian cultural center on the corner of Vermont and Lexington? They kicked out the retail tenants, the scaffolding went up, the Armenian history mural came down. This, along with the planned condos on Lexington, is making me begin to suspect that the Los Feliz-fication of Little Armenia may be underway."

3) Beverly Hills: "There is a huge hole on the northwest corner of Beverly Drive and Dayton Way in Beverly Hills. What’s being built?"

4) Koreatown: "What's going on near Western and 2nd in Koreatown? A concrete parking lot on the west side of Western--often used for film crews--was demolished recently and now is being torn up from the floor up. Something fun comin'?" [pictured above]

5) Hollywood/Melrose: "Do you know what is being put in on the NW corner of La Cienega and Melrose? It has been boarded up for a couple months now."