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CurbedWire: Cell Phone Headset Alternative, San Vicente Update

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VENICE: If you've yet to buy a cell phone headset (required now by law), a Venice resident named Cary Sperry is selling a duct tape version. Via Dog Town Ink: "I got a pallet of duct tape, ten cases of PBR and a cellphone taped to my head just waiting to take your call and create your custom headset on the spot,” Sperry tells Dog Town Ink. “You can either come by for a fitting or I’ll mail it to you with directions on how to size it, which is one of my trade secrets.” It appears you may lose a few hair follicles. [Dog Town Ink]

SANTA MONICA: An update and some clarification. Yesterday, the Landmark Commission didn't have time to hear the issue of that historical corridor-San Vicente issue and pushed the topic back to another hearing. As noted yesterday, a group is trying to save a Santa Monica apartment building and get a section of San Vicente designated as a historical corridor. Also: While it may have seemed that creating a historical core is just an easy thing, in fact it is a long and arduous process. So nothing is going to happen overnight. [Curbed Staff]