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Vista Hermosa Park Opens This Weekend To Public And Criticism

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Calling a new park "ugly" is sort of like calling a baby "ugly;" it's really not the park or the baby's fault. But this was the reaction earlier this year from one downtowner to the new 10-acre public Vista Hermosa Park, located in City West: "God. When you look at the beautiful parks being built elsewhere - and see the junk designed by politically connected hacks in LA - it makes you want to cut your wrists. Depressing." Granted, that was when the park and its Whack-A-Mole and Barney Rubble architecture was still under construction, so let's wait to see the final product. Meanwhile, Councilman Ed Reyes talks up the much-needed greenery to the Downtown News: '"The Vista Hermosa Park provides an outlet for relief for families in a densely populated area....'The park provides a place for people to sit and contemplate nature, an athletic field for active recreation, and an outdoor classroom for students at the nearby school to have science classes.'"
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