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Take Back Our City Rally Report: Plenty of Anti-Development Signs

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Curbed editor Josh is down at the City Hall, checking in with today's noon "Take Back Our City" rally. He emails: "Ron Kaye, former editor of Daily News [and organizer of event] is speaking: Lots of anti special interest talk....taking back LA from bureaucrats...Nimbyism is sane response to powerlessness...trying to get city hall to pay attention. About 75-85 people here." What are people saying about development? "The entire thing is anti development," he writes. "Anti-Home Depot. Anti-Autry museum. Save the Verdugo golf course....bicyclists here too." More to come...meanwhile for those just catching up: More about the group after jump. UPDATE: Los Angeles Times columnist Steve Lopez has a bit more: Not too many bikers showed up.

The rally is intended "'to launch a new era in L.A., to give birth to a democratic movement that empowers the people and the communities to solve the growing problems caused by a failing educational system and a failing government," organizer Ron Kaye, a former editor of the Woodland Hills-based Daily News, wrote on his blog, Ron Kaye L.A., notes the Daily News.

Unhappy with a host of issues ranging from the Los Angeles Unified School District to "unchecked development," this group also is planing an August 2nd open town hall meeting, notes Josh.