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Downtown's The Brockman Opens Its Doors

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Ohhhh, Brockman, you're pretty. If you were a person, we'd want to date you. This 1921 Beaux Arts building at 530 W. Seventh is the latest downtown adaptive re-use project to come to market and one of two buildings (the other is El Dorado on Spring St.), that we've been patiently waiting to meet. Well, the sales office opened this month and move-ins are expected in August. And despite the serious crush, two things to whine about: Tragically, there is no real pool and the cement floor was more appealing (at least to us) than the wood flooring offered in the model unit. Otherwise, warm feelings, particularly about the ceiling heights, all around. There are three different units seen the gallery; prices range from $435,000 for a 947-square-foot unit to $879,000 for a 1,319-square-foot unit.
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Brockman Lofts

530 W. Seventh St., Los Angeles, CA