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CurbedWire: Tagging Clean-Up, Summit On Sixth Gets A "Lost" Star

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HOLLYWOOD: A shot of a clean-up crew painting over tagging on a multi-unit building on Rosewood off Van Ness on Sunday. "When did the complaint come in? " we asked. The day before, and via email. That's quick! [CurbedStaff]

KOREATOWN: Uhm, never even watched the show. But from the PR desk at Summit on Sixth that under construction development at 6th and Vermont,: "The Summit has just completed construction of their model units and have partnered with Yunjin Kim, actress from the TV show "Lost" to promote this one-of-a-kind development. Kim caught wind of the project & after touring the grounds, quickly decided to make the Summit her LA home." Well, that works out for everyone, doesn't it. Photos of Kim after jump. [Curbed InBox]