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Ask Curbed: Tell Me Something Good About Barry Shy

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For those unfamiliar with Barry Shy, he is the owner/landlord of several downtown buildings, including the Bartlett building (pictured) at Seventh and Spring streets. But Google Shy's name, and a host of stuff comes up. There's even a whole web site dedicated to chronicling his dealings. Granted, everyone has flaws. No one is perfect. And there must be something redeemable about both Shy and his buildings, right? But is it just that his units are less expensive that competing developers' buildings? But let's go to our reader's question: "Is Barry Shy really the Antichrist? I'm looking into units downtown to buy, but every bit of research I do on any of Shy's buildings only confirms his slum lord status. I'm trying very hard to find something positive about living in one of this lofts, but all I find are complaints ranging from no hot water to ignored plumbing issues to parking problems. Most of the tenants make it sound like when he isn't hoarding their money or fixing board votes, he's burning down orphanages and kicking puppies.Is there any hope here? Is there no silver lining? Or is this just the reality of the situation?"
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