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CurbedWire: Hammer Museum's Lautner Opening, $99 Chapman Sign Explained

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WESTWOOD: This Sunday the Hammer Museum kicks off its latest exhibition, "Between Earth and Heaven: The Architecture of John Lautner." More via the web site: "Curated by historian Nicholas Olsberg and architect Frank Escher, Between Earth and Heaven will feature an exhibition design that is as visceral an experience as Lautner’s buildings themselves. Photo: Marbrisa, Acapulco, 1973, by Sara Sackner [Hammer Museum]

DOWNTOWN: What is up with your $99 move-in sign, Chapman Flats? As noted by Garment & Citizen, the downtown rental building has a sign on its building advertising move-ins for $99. And? Via the sales office: "If you have good credit, you can just pay $99 and the first month is free." We want a 99 cents deal. [Curbed Staff]