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Yes, Everyone Can Use Downtown's New LAPD HQs

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While news of the $437 million plus price tag of the under-construction police headquarters has been discouraging, cheer yourself up by gazing upon the one-acre park, public auditorium, and restaurant planned for the site at 1st and Main streets. It's all part of a plan "to make the area more pedestrian-friendly," according to Eva Kandarpa, press secretary for City Council member Jan Perry, who says this phase should be completed by spring 2009.

"The idea is to make a space for everyone to use," says Kandarpa. Additionally, an art gallery will go in the Motor Transport facility on 2nd and Main. While these renderings just give an idea of what could come in, the city is currently asking for RFPs (request for proposals) for this spot, an item revealed at Downtown's Neighborhood Council/town-hall like meeting on Tuesday night. The process hasn't been without its setbacks-at one point, it looked like a fast food joint could be coming in--but now a more traditional restaurant/cafe is expected. Regardless of what ultimately goes in, there's your new lunch spot, LA Times.
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LAPD Headquarters

100 W 1st St, Los Angeles, CA 90012