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Development du Jour: Hollywood Target is Coming

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A reader spots the filing of a case with City Planning that will finally bring a non-Home Depot big box retailer to Hollywood. The all caps email captures the true excitement of this momentous occasion. "CONSTRUCTION OF A NEW TARGET RETAIL SHOPPING CENTER, APPROXIMATELY 220,315 SQUARE FEET WITH APPROXIMATELY 458 PARKING STALLS." We're a bit surprised that Councilman Eric Garcetti isn't squeezing the nuts of the developers to get some affordable housing thrown on top of the building. The project will occupy the site of the big CVS store and Ranch 99 market at the southwest corner of Sunset and Western. Hopefully, they'll throw in some pedestrian friendly elements, like putting the parking lot at the back of the building or in a garage. Other than that, we're all for this. UPDATE: Per the comments, the above renderings is old. The Target project will have ground level retail, with parking above and the Target on the third floor. Thanks Semprini.
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