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Green Nerd Wars: Bill Vs. Begley

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There's a competition brewing between two semi-famous Studio City residents over whose home has a smaller carbon footprint, reports the Associated Press. In this cul de sac is longtime environmentalist Ed Begley, and in this cul de sac is his neighbor Bill Nye (of TV show "Bill Nye the Science Guy"). The fence surrounding Begley's two bedroom, 1,585 square foot bungalow is made of recycled plastic milk cartons pressed into boards. He uses beer to kills bugs instead of pesticides. And he recycles enough water to make up for his wife's 20-minute showers. Some of Nye's bragging rights include plots overflowing with produce and a solar-powered electric fence that keeps raccoons away. Nye concedes he may never catch up to Begley, who's been green before it was cool. A hundred points for anyone who knows what street these Earth-friendly wonders are taking place on.
· Celebrity neighbors Begley, Nye carry eco - grudge [AP]