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Rumblings & Bumblings: Nothing Doing At Gas Station, Chapman Bankers

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And now the answers to Tuesday's Rumblings and Bumblings questions. If you have a question about a building, a dirt lot, a construction site, feel free to send an email for next week's edition of R & B.

1) Hollywood: A reader professes to know what's going on at the abandoned gas station on Western and Hollywood. "It's an enviro-mess. Leaking gas tanks have polluted the area and the owner is broke and slowly cleaning it up as state and fed funds allow." Poor broke owner, sorry. Good luck with everything.

2) Downtown: A reader wants to know which bank performed the re-appraisals on the Chapman Flats as mentioned in the April 14th article. It's been hell finding out and no answer emerged. However, a message board for Chapman Flats' residents was discovered during our search, so we're going to suggest that person leave a query on that board.