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Manhatttan Beach To Vote On Bag Ban Tonight

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Those once-innocent plastic bags continue to be hated and debated: Tonight the Manhattan Beach City Council will vote on banning plastic bags, according to the Daily Breeze's Andrea Woodhouse. According to city officials, there would be no adverse environmental impact if the ban was enforced, but nevertheless, the Save the Plastic Bag Coalition says it will sue Manhattan Beach if the ban is enacted. "The coalition - made up of about eight retailers and manufacturers including Commerce, California-based Elkay Plastics and Command Packaging of Los Angeles - argued that Manhattan Beach did not fully and in good faith study the potential effects of a ban..." The coalition's lawyer, Stephen Joseph, based in Northern California, is some sort of super lawyer who has also brought lawsuits against McDonalds and Kraft. If enacted, Manhattan Beach would join Malibu, which has a similar ban, and San Francisco, which has banned nonbiodegradable plastic bag, but allows "compostable sacks." Santa Monica is also attempting a similar plastic ban.
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