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Downtown's Flat Apartments: Fun Parties, Tearful Residents

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City West, this isn't going to help your reputation. Reader Loft LA writes: "This is the weekly Sunday party at the Flat Apts where blue velvet is. Old Holiday Inn on Garland in City West. Pictures are from this Sunday...the company that promotes is Aqua Groove." (Full Flickr set and a movie here.) But check out this message board for the Flat: "Never want to live here again; "This place is the worst." Complaints are centered around Blue Velvet and lack of hot water. One resident: "My apartment vibrates from the bass of the nightclub the Blue Velvet has turned into. I feel like I'm going to have a nervous breakdown, I cannot stand to be home on weekends or weekday evenings because it's so loud I can't sleep or relax one bit. I am totally stressed out about this situation and feel like crying just thinking about it..."