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Pitching the Tax Increase

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An editorial in today's Press Telegram argues that since South Bay residents live in neighborhoods that don't offer mass transit options found in other neighborhoods, "the MTA should explain in detail what's in it for us" in regards to proposed half-cent sales tax (to fund transportation projects). Meanwhile, who voted against it last week: "Two of the dissenters was Fourth District Supervisor Don Knabe and Long Beach Councilmember Bonnie Lowenthal. 'Taxpayers in our county already pay the second-highest tax rate in California, behind only Alameda County,' Knabe said in a prepared statement. 'Metro's proposed increase would unfairly push our local tax rate even higher. - We have too many people in Los Angeles County struggling to make ends meet right now. This tax increase, at this time, is an unnecessary burden on residents.' Lowenthal said, 'There was just not enough in it for the Gateway area. ... Another tax burden would be completely inappropriate.' [Press Telegram]