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1340 Figueroa Gets One Step Closer

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[Renderings via Scott Kepford/SLAB Architects]

There's still some life in that market, yet. As previously mentioned on downtown development blog angelenic back in December, the big parking lot across from the Convention Center and south of LA Live is proposed to be developed into a mixed-use skyscraper. We'd heard no further word of the project until today when we saw that the the application for the development had been submitted to the Planning Department on June 11th. The proposed 43-story skyscraper will feature 273 condos, three commercial floors, with 344,775 square feet of floor area. The project is asking for a zone change and general plan amendment among other entitlements, so we probably won't be seeing any dirt move for at least two years. We're hoping to have up to date renderings/plans soon.
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