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Rick Caruso Knows You Need To Breastfeed

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An article in the International Herald Tribune discusses the way "women" are helping to shape the malls where we shoppers of all sexes tend to shop. The article goes on to mention the care that local mall developer Rick Caruso has given to women with small adorable babies who feel the need to whip a tit out and feed their child at moment's notice.

...Rick Caruso, the president and chief executive, said that four years ago he heard a young mother complain about the lack of nursing stations in shopping centers. That, he says, prompted him to make sure that the company's upcoming mixed-use development in central Glendale, California, the Americana at Brand, would have a large children's playroom in the main lobby ("usually they're stuck behind the garbage area") and private changing rooms (fully stocked with diapers), two private nursing rooms and a small kitchen for heating baby bottles. · Mall developer seeks advice from women [IHT]
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The Americana at Brand

889 Americana Way., Glendale, CA 91210