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Rumblings & Bumblings: Echo Park Rapes? A South Park Pile? Silver Lake Dirt?

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Hello. We have tres questions this week. Please feel free to email us at if you have answers to these questions or maybe an update on a past question. We would also really appreciate digital pictures.

1) Echo Park: A friend of Curbed is concerned, and now we are too. "I'd like to know information about a possible spike in rapes in echo park. i have heard of two women being raped, one in a parking lot off sunset. i also talked to a woman who said she was walking down sunset at 1 am and a white van pulled up, two men jumped out and CHASED her down the street. she ran into a nearby bar. does anyone know anything if there is indeed a spike in attacks or a serial rapist? lots of women in echo park are talking about this."

2) South Park: Construction downtown, heh? Could be just about anything. "There's a something going on at the corner of Venice and Hope - like a pile of construction stuff. Any idea what it is."

3) Silver Lake [ADJ]: Get ready for another dirt lot, Los Angeles. "Right across from the Camino Nuevo High School - the one built in the street median - on Temple is this lot (pictured). It looks like something is being cleared but do you have any idea what's going in there?"