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Downtown's 655 Hope Still Worries Us

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Last weekend was Downtown's Open House 2008, an event which saw local developments open their sales offices to potential buyers. Old friend 655 Hope, that conversion of an office building at Hope and 7th--the one with sealed-tight windows and a happy hour marketing push--was also open; it was the first time we'd seen their sales office. There's not so much a model unit, as model furnishings and finishes. How are sales? "We're 20 percent sold," a sales agent said (the building was also 20 percent sold in April), going on to talk up the building's air filtration system that'll continually pump fresh air throughout the units. Yup, still worried about this one. Meanwhile, what'd everyone else see on the Open House Tour 2008? Leave your comments below.
· 655 Hope [Official Site]