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Ask Curbed: Can I Break a Lease Because of Leakage?

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Now that we've exhaustively addressed every single question commenter Bitter Renter has posed, we can go back to our normal Ask Curbed series of questions, so you can rant about crappy landlords and bad parking. Oh look! Here's one now:

"I live in a not too fancy apartment in Noho Arts District that has been plagued with bathroom problems ever since i moved in in December. The problem is that there is a crack in the drain pipe enabling water to leak out underneath the tub and spreading all over my floor whenever I take a shower. The problem is very costly to fix for the building owner and s/he is to be dragging their feet on this. The building manager is trying to get it fixed but doesn't keep me updated very well on the conversations she's having with the owner. Can a problem like this be a legitimate call to action to break the lease and how long of a period do I give the owner before I put this card on them?"