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New To Market: Santa Monica Mid Century Restoration

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Yes, it's in Santa Monica, although it looks like it should be in Palm Springs. Newly (re)listed on the MLS (with a substantial pricechop from $1.77 million), this 3-bedroom, 2.75-bath midcentury house features "smart-looking cork floors, shag carpeting, retro fixtures, angles & lines inside and a capacious yet private, garden outside." One of the bedrooms and bathrooms is in the separate guest house. Looking at the bathroom, maybe there is such a thing as a TOO faithful restoration. Perhaps we can overlook the unholy pairing of mint green and bubble gum pink for those floor to ceiling windows. Palm Springs living--next to the ocean--can be yours for $1.7 million.
420 7TH St Santa Monica, CA 90402 [Redfin]