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Glendale Craftsman Cottage: Not A Very Noble Ending

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More on that 1914 Craftsman home at 2128 Glenada Avenue--the first home built in Montrose--that's slated to be destroyed to build a five-unit development (pictured): Efforts were made this week to clean up the home after it fell into disrepair, reports the Glendale News Press. "The Los Angeles County Public Works Department posted a sign on the house Monday citing a litany of violations, including overgrown vegetation and debris, with directions to correct the problems or face fines. 'The bushes are a fire hazard, and because it’s vacant, we put fences up so kids don’t come in,' [the developer] said." Residents who live on the street have opposed having the forthcoming development on their street, and while developers have offered to give away the house to whoever can afford to preserve it (it could cost as much as $20,000 to move it), there have been no takers. Demolition could start in a matter of months, according to the paper.

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