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Starchitects Swarm Charlie Rose, Nouvel Talks Green

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Architects--and Pritzker Prize winners--Frank Gehry, Zaha Hadid, Renzo Piano, and Jean Nouvel all appeared on PBS talk show "Charlie Rose" last night, and while Gehry didn't drop any updates on downtown's Grand Avenue project, Nouvel talked about incorporating nature into his work, which is notable since Nouvel is behind the "green" blade at 10000 Santa Monica Boulevard, a 45-story tower that'll be surrounded by foliage. His exact quote is after the jump. Another interesting moment came when Gehry talked about how for the first two years after designing Disney Hall, he could only see the flaws in the project; he also noted Disney is one of his few projects he can actually physically visit and "experience" on a regular basis (because of his proximity to the structure).

ROSE: "You have used gardens as part of your architecture..."

NOUVEL: "?..Architecture, generally, it is for a long time, it is solid?when you put in front of that fragile grasses, flowers or trees, when you have the reflection of these trees in the glass, or you see the trees in the glass, the feeling is not all the same, it’s the beginning of the consciousness of the place and sometimes, when you do it well, it’s the beginning of the poetry of the place?.

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