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Broker BlogWrap: Doctors in the LBC and a Chop at Americana?

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It's another edition of our irregularly scheduled look inside the blogs of our realtor friends. If you're a SoCal Realtor with a blog we should be reading, drop us a line.

[A Spanish Revival home found in California Heights via Long Beach Neighborhoods]

1) Moneyed Doctors Need Good Home: Laurie Manny is in need of sellers in California Heights (that's in Long Beach). "The buyers are a young professional couple, both doctors, who are purchasing their first home with a large inheritance. They have a sizable down payment, FICO scores in the 800 range, are already pre-approved, are ready to purchase and pay market price. All they need is the right home." [Long Beach Real Estate]

2) Americana Goin' Special: Glendale Realtor Phyllis Harb receives a curious notice from Americana at Brand on its for-rent units: "Visit today for special offers on select units for a limited time." Hmm... Special Offers, heh? Has the price chopping axe hit Americana so soon? [LARE Blog]

3) Southern Cali-foreclosure: Terra Firma LA identifies the top hot spots for foreclosures in our area. Zip codes in Palmdale and Lancaster make up four of the five worst hit areas in the region. No surprises there. [Terra Firma LA]

The Americana at Brand

889 Americana Way., Glendale, CA 91210