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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Yellow On Vermont

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Not a lot to say this week but we tried our best. We have at least some partial for two of the questions. Please feel free to email us at if you have new questions or updates. We also really appreciate digital pictures.

1) Hollywood/Vermonica: The yellow boarded up building at 1175 Vermont appears to be going nowhere fast. Checking into the building's history, we see that the four story building, known as the Dryden Apartments, was constructed in 1929 and contained approximately 31 rentals. A permits was issued in 2002 to demo some of the building's interior walls, however that permit expired in March of this year. The Movieland Directory identifies several silent file actors who lived in the apartments back in 1930. And we found a book online discussing abortions before Roe v. Wade, which features a woman getting an abortion on the kitchen table of a fourth floor unit at the Dryden.

2) Sierra Madre: We searched but found very little about the a glass pyramid for sale in Sierra Madre, beyond that featured in the listing. Sorry.

3) Culver City: The carved stone spotted by Will Campbell of Metblogs on Hughes Avenue may just be a remnant of an old highway marker. We searched for which highway it might possibly be, but sadly we couldn't figure it out. Sorry.

4) Hollywood: Germs and lingering smells aside, the former Splash Spa hot tub place is being converted to a Panini Cafe, which was mentioned on Eater LA recently. We'll see you all there.