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Reader Rant: Parking Tickets in Pasadena

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A disgruntled Curbed reader demands satisfaction in his quest to reform Pasadena's parking enforcement system, which was discussed previously in an article from the Pasadena Weekly. Rant away abused motorist: "Hey guys - is there an update on your post about the vigilante Pasadena parking ticketer? And can we tap into the well of creative lawful Curbed Reader do-goods to see if there's a way to fight parking tickets once these fuckers have you pinned? They ticket for no reason! And then they make up their wormy little rules, like you have to contest within a certain amount of time, and then you call and some community college half-dead thirty year-old who sounds stoned answers the phone with some vendetta on you just for calling, and you have to wait on hold for half the afternoon just to get the privilege to talk to these degenerates, and they lose everything you mail them, and it's your fault, and I wish I were a lawyer because I'm better than this! If they can ticket me for no reason and get money today, then they'll do it again, dammit! There must be a way to beat them! This is a pit of despair and I'm strapped as it is! I need some advice and a nap... And a drink." [image via Sean Future]
· A bump in the road: Old Pas shopper worries ‘nefarious tickets’ are filling city coffers [Pasadena Weekly]