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Laurel Canyon Land May Be Up For Grabs

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The slog from Valley to Hollywood could get rougher—or ruff-er—if the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority can't pony up $5 million for a six-acre plot of land off Laurel Canyon Boulevard, writes Laist. The spot's current owner has given the MRCA time to come up with the funds so they can buy the land and turn it into a dog trail; the space abuts Laurel Canyon Park, which is popular with the pooches. While the agency is making headway with the money, it's unclear whether they'll raise enough to buy the acreage and save it from a condo development or McMansion invasion, and the requisite cars that come along with that. Looks like MRCA's got about a year to raise the bucks, so for now, commuters can breathe easy through their gritted teeth. [Pictured: Laurel Canyon Park, courtesy of hello.onimal]
· Possible dog park for Hollywood Hills, or large condo [Laist]