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The Hollywood: Sales Update, Interior Reveal

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While The Hollywood, a 54-unit condo building on Yucca has been mentioned for its restaurant-related marketing packages and its pool action, interiors have eluded us. So take a look at a 1,299 square foot two bedroom listed at $844,000. During our visit, the listing agent noted the building has a boutique hotel feel, an pretty spot-on assessment. But it's questionable whether buyers want to live in a boutique hotel. All told, 16 units have sold since the building opened for sales. (Sales started last year; move-ins were last December). Additionally, some units, including one of the penthouses, are now available for lease (the 1,670 square foot penthouse is renting for $7,500 a month).
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The Hollywood

6735 Yucca St., Los Angeles, CA 90028