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Trying to Make South LA a Little Slimmer

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"The level of obesity in my district is shocking.” That's City Councilwoman Jan Perry talking about her proposed ban on new fast food outlets opening up in a 32-square-mile area in South LA (an area that would include Watts, Crenshaw and Baldwin Hills), reports the Los Angeles Business Journal. Perry had previously proposed a one-year moratorium, but now wants to make this ban, which would affect 700,000 residents, permanent. Via the paper: "The ban is intended to stop the proliferation of eateries that serve unhealthful food and save the remaining vacant land in the area for other development. It would be the largest such ban in the nation, according to experts familiar with such issues." According Perry's research, 40 percent of LA's fast-food restaurants are located in this 32 mile area. Healthier fast food restaurants such as La Salsa and Subway wouldn't be banned;, meanwhile the California Restaurant Association tells the LABJ that it has concerns about the ban, and wonders if "this ordinance is the best approach to promoting nutrition and healthy lifestyles." Sure, California Restaurant Association, but how about you foot the bill for all the associated health insurance costs? [Pic via CSM]
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