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Venice Gets An Early Morning Prefab Delivery

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Venice neighbors clutching coffee cups came out this morning to watch some sweet crane action: At about 7:45 am, work began on the first Los Angeles prefab home by local architecture firm Marmol Radziner Prefab. This home will be totally completed in six weeks--that's the carport dangling in the sky. And yes, that's one of the biggest hydraulic cranes around. UPDATE: Nope, not first prefab home. Jennifer Siegel was here first.

1. The home belongs to Leo Marmol, one half of the architecture firm.
2. The home is located at 734 Palms.
3. Price for this design begins at $1.265 million.
4. It'll take two days to install the 14 modules aka pieces of the home.
5. The firm's prefab factory is in Vernon, and the trucks, which arrived at around 5:30 am, had to take the 405 instead of the 10 freeway because of various impediments aka off-ramps that wouldn't accommodate the trucks.
6. That is a 350 ton crane.
7. The home is 2,800 square feet with 700 square feet of covered deck.
8. Marmol Radziner's new lower-priced line, the Skyline Series, will launch at this weekend's Dwell conference.
9. Anticipated prices for the Skyline Series: $599,000 (2,180 square feet) to $1,014,000 (3,840 square feet).
10. Only one neighbor seemed really disorientated this morning. "All these trucks....what...what..." Everyone else seemed to take the construction in stride.
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