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Hollywood Freeway Park Envisioned: Pigeon Lady Included

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The Compass Blueprint demonstration project from the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) has gone online with a visualization page for the proposed Hollywood Freeway Central Park set to cap the 101 Freeway in the not too distant future. So far the site offers one decent rendering of people enjoying the park (above) and some satellite photos of before and after. Noteworthy, is the inclusion of a rendering of a pigeon lady (possibly the infamous Pigeon Lady) surrounded by a flock of the flying rats. Missing is an accurate portrayal of her counterpart, the Hollywood Cat Man and his cans of wet cat chow. However, the site lays out some interesting changes proposed for the surrounding neighborhood, posted after the jump.
Plans for the park will encompass a bit more than just some grassy turf cantilevered above the freeway. Potential changes include the following:

* Change existing zoning on the edge of the proposed freeway cap to allow mixed use development facing the proposed park area.
* Create walkways on both edges of the park to create a motorless corridor for pedestrian and bike traffic
* Develop residential development along edges of the park to keep "eyes on the park" for safety.
* Develop low income housing along park to match local income and employment demographics

* Use a mix of transit and new parking to manage new traffic in the neighborhood Still to come is a Project Report and Video fly-through.
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