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Rumblings & Bumblings: Pyramids, Markers, and a Splashy Place in WeHo

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Help unlock the mysteries that plague your neighbors dreams. You may leave a comment or you can email us at with your answers, updates, comments, tips, and general queries. Answers posted this Thursday.

[The Sierra Madre pyramid and a mystery stone in Culver City]

1) Hollywood/Vermonica: Good question. "What's up with that cute, boarded-up yellow building on the west side of Vermont, south of Fountain, north of Santa Monica? Could be cute apartments but it looks like it's been abandoned forever..."

2) Sierra Madre: Obviously it was built by ancient Angelenos. "Did you guys know that there's a glass pyramid for sale in Sierra Madre? Propertyshark lists it as belonging to the Westwood Sephardic Educational Center. Do you have any clue about this building's history? It's pretty crazy."

3) Culver City: More evidence of our ancient culture. Will Campbell of Metblogs asks if maybe our readers can offer some insight into a strange marker he photographed. "...a mystery marker of some sort half-buried near the curb on Hughes between Venice and Washington boulevards in Culver City. Any ideas?" [Full picture here]

4) West Hollywood: Eww. The germs. "The abandoned Splash on the corner of Crescent Heights and 3rd St., home to the ending of many a Blind Date episode, has had its trademark blue awning removed and scaffolding put in place... What's going down with the lava rock-infused sexy waterpark of my youth?"