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The Caruso Code Cracked! Mall Developer Aims for Presidency

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A friend of Curbed emails regarding the ad nauseam conjecture regarding lifestyle mall developer Rick Caruso's possible run for Mayor of Los Angeles. Everyone knows the mayor of LA is small potatoes for a man with such ambitions as Mr. Caruso. Too little power, and a stepping stone to nowhere. Like Rick Caruso, you gotta think bigger. And in a possibly none too difficult cryptic code, our friend has deciphered the possible grand scheme of Mr. Caruso's crazy beautiful mind. Judge for yourself.

"After being told that the LA Times was spreading some rumor that Rick Caruso might be running for mayor, I began to see the wheels of the grand plan at work. A friend and I went to the grand opening of the Americana a few weeks ago, more out of curiosity (as in human nature to gawk at something atrocious) than sheer desire to welcome another mall. But this isn't the beginning of a review. I want to mention the single most interesting piece that we found was a painting in the parking lobby. It seems to layout in a vertical landscape, Caruso's future plans.
The foreground clearly states the Americana's presence, with Santa Anita and the Grove close behind. Further up there are another cluster of mall like buildings. Out in the ocean, is a massive yacht; I don't know if this is current or wished for. But the most interesting elements are the Sacramento capitol and D.C.'s capitol's set in the sandy bucolic hills overlooking San Francisco. And in the middle orchestrating all of this is a mysterious figure dressed in black with his hands on his hips."
Will we all be answering to Governor Caruso very soon? El Presidente Caruso, soon thereafter? Only time and a few more paintings in his malls will tell.

The Americana at Brand

889 Americana Way., Glendale, CA 91210