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CurbedWire: Late Day Prefab Look, Fighting the Axis of Cheviot Hills

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VENICE: It's really just a pricier barn raising, isn't it: Just a scant eight hours later, a look at the first floor of the Marmol Radziner prefab home in Venice. (Earlier post on construction is here.) The actual lifting of things stopped around noon--the rest of the day was spent bolting and singing. The second floor will go in tomorrow. [Curbed Staff]

PALMS: Woo-hoo, meetings! An excited reader from Palms section writes in: "As a resident of the “prestigious” Palms zip code of 90034, I had a flyer pinned to my door this weekend advertising the next community meeting for the EXPO Line Phase 2. This meeting promises to be entertaining since (1) it will focus on the always incendiary topic of grade crossings and (2) it is being held in Cheviot Hills!! Let’s get the word out on the meeting so that we can bring as many public transport supporters to this meeting to counteract the Axis of the Cheviot Hills Homeowners Association." [Curbed InBox]