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5900 Wilshire: Variety Moving In, Improvements On?

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Mentioned last week, 5900 Wilshire has indeed finished work on its Johnson Fain-designed new lobby, reports Globe St. And if it was unclear if architect Greg Lynn's designs would also be built, the paper notes that the building's owner "plans future additions to 5900 Wilshire that will include a new restaurant pavilion designed by American architect Greg Lynn and a ground-level white tablecloth restaurant in one of the two satellite buildings at the 5900 Wilshire complex." So, on? Also: Trade paper Variety is ditching its current headquarters at 5700 Wilshire and moving into 5900 Wilshire this December. [Via Greg Lynn]

Night shot:

Lobby (now completed) via architect Johnson Fain:

· Ratkovich Unveils $34M Upgrade at 5900 Wilshire [Globe St]