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EaterTastings: Manzke Lands Downtown, Wolfgang Wins In Beverly Hills, And Do All Beachside Restaurants Suck?

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The latest dish from Eater LA, Curbed's hedonistic eating and drinking blog...

[The other Wolfgang's Steakhouse, not owned by Puck]

BEVERLY HILLS: Hamilton vs. Burr. Stalin vs. Trotsky. Ali vs. Frazier. And Wolfgang vs. Wolfgang. What looked like a potential contender for a great feud has been settled in court - and Wolfgang wins! Zwiener, that is. He gets to keep the restaurant name and current signage on Canon Drive and the other Wolfgang can suck it.

DOWNTOWN: Walter Manzke, formerly of Bastide, has landed downtown. Rumor has it Manzke will be the chef de cuisine for a new restaurant from Celestino Drago, with front of the house run by Cut and Valentino alums Matteo Ferdinandi and Giuseppe Mollica, respectively.

MALIBU/SANTA MONICA: Do all beachside restaurants suck? The consensus is...sorta. But Eater's poll shows Santa Monica's The Lobster taking a wide lead against all comers.