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ConstructionWatch: Arts District's Barn Lofts

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While readers debate whether the area near Biscuit Company Lofts is desolate and doomed---or the next Tribeca or Long Island City--construction on Barn Lofts at 940 East 2nd Street in the Arts District continues. A 1909 brick building, Barn Lofts was once used for the storage of sugarcane and sugar beets and is being transformed into 38 condominiums ranging from 1,200 to 2,300 square feet. The project has had its setbacks, having to procure a new loan last fall after losing an initial loan with Fremont Investment & Loan, according to the Los Angeles Business Journal. Sales are supposed to start this fall. We talked to the project architect last fall, who gave us some details; notably, the building is getting a new roof.

All images via the Rockefeller's web site