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Playa Vista Day! KB Homes Stops Construction, Maltzan Park Coming

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Time to check in with the Westside super development that is Playa Vista. Construction started about five years ago; it's now 90 percent finished. 3,200 units have been built, KB Homes (one of the many developers building at Playa Vista) has completely stopped construction on its planned Runway Lofts (photo of construction site in gallery) and local architect Michael Maltzan is planning a park for the commercial area. Never been to Playa Vista? Two quotes from people to give you a sense of it: "Great place to live if you're a mom with little kids." "Like an old people's home, but for young people." This is one of three posts that'll run today. Yes, it's Playa Vista day. Brace.

---Latest development news: Concerto Lofts (by Warmington Homes) just finished construction and is open for walk-ins. Dorian homes is finishing construction. Old friend The Mondrian is still open for sales.

---The Clippers training facility on Centinela is under construction.

---Small retail shops like a hair salon and Coffee Bean have opened; Pinkberry is forthcoming.

---For those just catching up: Because of a lawsuit, the construction has been halted on the final phase of the Playa Vista development, which would add more retail and a town center. The LA Times has the full story.
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