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On The Market: Lloyd Wright's Sowden House For Rent

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It looks like Lloyd Wright's famous Franklin Avenue Sowden House hasn't sold, despite being on the market for over two years now. With a price so high that it's only "available upon request" the house has languished with no buyers. No worries. The house is now available for rent instead, fully furnished. The 7-bedroom, 4-bath house was purchased in 2002 by designer-developer Xorin Balbes, who did a remodel of the house and made it his personal residence upon completion. The new additions include "a kitchen suitable for a five-star chef and a master suite which can't help but soothe and relax." He also added a new pool and spa. Rental price: $25,000 per month.
Sowden House, Lloyd Wright, 1926 [Rose + Chang]

Sowden House

5121 Franklin Ave., Los Angeles, CA