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Mulholland's Tree Massacre

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Trees in LA are having a rough time of it lately, despite Mayor Villaraigosa's plans to plant one million more of them. A reader reports on another arboreal assault: "If you've driven on the 6100 block of Mulholland here in Hollywoodland lately you may have noticed that most of the 40+ year old pine trees that used to grace the median that divides the road are now either dead or dying. This is thanks to a homeowner who took it upon themselves (using an invalid 30 year old permit) to 'trim' these trees (actually decimate them) to clear their view."

"Needless to say neighbors are upset and the Urban Forestry division of Street Services is positively livid. Both the neighbors and the Hollywoodland Homeowners Association have sent polite letters asking the perpetrators to "do the right thing" and replace the trees which were a gift to the community by the homeowners association about 45 year ago. Both have been met with deafening silence. Urban Forestry has stated that they are prepared to litigate should these homeowners refuse to cooperate.

Please see attached photo(s) [above] to get an idea of the severity of the situation, the blight on our community - not to mention the fire hazard we now have."
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