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Survey Says LA is 4th Best City by Design in America

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In some sort of poll/survey conducted by architecture firm RMJM Hiller, Los Angeles has been named the fourth best city by design in the US (meaning, the city taken as a whole is put together well which makes our quality of life bearable). Number 1 on the list is Chicago. Lame.

"In this survey, only manufactured design was considered—natural advantages such as rolling hills or soaring mountains were discounted. Schubert says that Los Angeles was able to beat out more traditionally green cities like Portland, San Francisco, and Denver thanks to its aggressive new green initiatives and because of its attempts to reduce existing urban sprawl and create a denser city center." Also beating LA were Boston (#3) and New York (#2). LA gets special attention for its green building ordinance. [image via Atwater Village Newbie]
· The Best U.S. Cities, by Design [Business Week]