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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: It's Not A School, It's A Parking Garage

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Thank you for the thoughtful input. Please feel free to email us at if you have any new questions or updates. More questions welcome for next week w/ pics please.

1) Koreatown: The dirt lot at the southeast corner of Wilshire and Vermont may be the result of financing gone bad, commenters speculate. "...commercial financing is very fluid and as there is almost none to be had now i'm certain their loan was just pulled out from under them after they began. it never just comes in a lump. get used to these mounds of dirt all over town as projects, well, crater."

2) Vermonica: The building that looks like an LAUSD school is actually a parking structure for LA City College. Ha ha. Via commenter kris10: "The LACC building that is being constructed on Heliotrope is actually a parking garage, (thank goodness, that area needs it,) that will have a track & field on top! How cool is that?"

3) Venice: So, what is up with the Folonis-designed Thornton Lofts in Venice? Building permit records show a host of activity, with permits issued on June 8th for the following work: 1) change methane mitigation design and consultant; 2) remove 2 standard parking spaces and add 1 compact stall. total 64 parking spaces are provided. remove the trash area at the basement. the existing trash and recycling areas maintain; and 3) Structural and architectural modification to a previous permit.