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Playa Vista's Planned 7.9 Acre Central Park

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Continuing with our Playa Vista day, let's consider what the future holds for this sprawling Westside development. So a tiny peek at the 7.9 acre "Central Park" planned for the Playa Vista commercial campus. It's tentatively set to open in summer 2009, according to a rep for Playa Vista development and is being designed by local architect Michael Maltzan (behind downtown's Carver Apartments) and landscape architect James Burnett. The park, located at Jefferson and Centinela, will have a soccer field, an amphitheater (pictured above), and more; the master plan is being kept under record. This is considered a private-public park, meaning that it's private land, but anyone can use it. The park was recently cited by the jury of the AIA-LA, who noted the following: “This park brings provocative design thinking to an environment that needs it.” You bring the blankets, we'll bring the rose wine.
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