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Bobcat Spotted Near Sunset Plaza

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Always a lot of mangy-looking coyotes spotted around the city, but here's a picture of what appears to be a bobcat (Felis rufus). Sending in the above photo, a reader writes: "So how dangerous are local bobcats? Saw this guy in my driveway in the Sunset Plaza area. I'm guessing just over 3' long."

Via LA Animal Services web site:

Solitary and shy, bobcats are one of our reclusive urban wildlife species, although the cat is fairly common across the United States. Bobcats are often mistaken for both mountain lions or very large domestic cats, but they differ from their feline cousins in several ways...

Often times the same habitat bobcats find appealing are also home to coyotes. Although both kill domestic animals and occasionally confront people, coyotes are by far the most likely culprit in urban incidents....Bobcats often bury their scat like many members of the cat family whereas coyotes do not. Bobcats tend to bury their catch and return to feed several times, again a habit not shared by coyotes.

It is much more common for coyotes to prey upon domestic cats and dogs. A mauled or missing pet is usually not the victim of a bobcat attack...

Bobcats and other wildlife may behave strangely if afflicted with disease. These animals may often be forced to look for food and water in residential areas, the easiest places to find sustenance. If you see these animals behaving strangely, appearing sick, or refusing to leave when encountered, you should contact your local animal care and control facility.

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