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Downtown's Priciest Home: The $4.9 Million Penthouse at Biscuit Company Lofts

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Gaze upon the "super penthouse" at the Biscuit Company Lofts in the Arts District. The most expensive property currently listed on the downtown MLS (there may be pricier condos or lofts privately listed), this is the place soccer player David Beckham reportedly considered buying, but ultimately passed on. Three stories, the 3,500-square foot (interior space) loft has an elevator, a private rooftop and two other open air patios (which could be used for gardens). True, it's an excellent party space. And given the work/live rules would be perfect for someone who wanted to run a production studio out of their home, for example. But is it worth the money? Let's take a closer look. More information in the gallery, too.

---This unit originally housed the bakery's three 8,000 gallon fire sprinkler tanks.

---It was built without closets so the unit could be adjusted to buyers' stipulations.

---Buyer has option of buying either of the two adjoining units in the building (in case they want to knock down the walls and make a bigger space).

---Space: A total of 3,500 interior square feet and 3,500 exterior square feet of gardens on three levels.

---The loft is laid out so the kitchen is on the second floor; the master bedroom on the third floor. 30 foot ceilings.

----Last year the space hosted the Traction Avenue Orchestra for an art party/music concert.

----The Biscuit is a Mills Act building, which means buyers save a bundle on property taxes.

· Biscuit Company Lofts [Official Site]