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On The Market: Inside Hollywood's "Wolf's Lair"

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Following up on our post about Wolf's Lair hitting the market (asking price $7.5 million), a reader sends along the official site, replete with interior photos (a few of which are included in the gallery above but there are many more on the site). And holy cow. It's absolutely awesome. The house was originally owned by L. Milton Wolf, one of the original developers of Hollywoodland and former occupants include Debbie Reynolds, Efram Zimbalist Jr., Marlon Brando, and The Beatles. As well as Wolf's pet monkey. Sure, you could probably bitch a little about the lack of a cohesive style (Hollywood Regency AND Tiki?!?) but we love it. We love it all. After yesterday's leopard-loving hideousness, behold leopard done right.
· Wolf's Lair [Official Site]
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Wolf's Lair

2869 Durand Dr., Los Angeles, CA