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Gay Marriage Could Save WeHo's Tara Mansion

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As God as our witness, Tara will never be boarded again! Or at least for now. Tara, the historic mansion at 1343 Laurel Ave that was all set to become senior housing until a pesky lawsuit held up that plan, may have a second life as...a gay wedding location. At least that's what Allegra Allison, the preservationist suing Weho to save Tara, is hoping. And Weho's mayor agrees, "saying that he thought the idea of using the property for alternative uses during the period running up to the lawsuits’ resolution had merit, although he declined to weigh in on one use, such as wedding grounds, over another." In the meantime, Tara will not be boarded up, as required by law, but other maintenance will be done in order to secure the property, including replacement of the historic doors, cleaning the trash and painting the interiors. [Image of Tara via Weho News.]
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